S.NO                                                        Title and Author (s)
1 Review of antibiotic prescription pattern in Osteomylitis therapy at national orthopedic hospital, EnuguUzondu ALE, Obasi VE Maduka A
2 Development of Stability indicating spectrophotometric method for determination and validation of “Risperidone” in formulation and bulk drug: V.N.V Kishore, Dr.K.Balamurali Krishna, Dr.G.V Ramana*
3 Multiphysics coupling in comsol for modeling of thermo generation of electricity through porous media combustionLuis Henríquez-Vargas*, Andrés Cabezas Garrido, Pablo Donoso García
4 Review on safety of community water traetment approach: Ogori A.F and Joeguluba Joe Ogori,
5 Green synthesis of (Z)-N-5-(benzylidene/substituted benzylidene)-2-benzamido-3-(methyl/phenyl)-6-oxo-1, 2, 5, 6-tetrahydro-1, 2, 4-triazines & their anti-bacterial activity EvaluationV. Anitha Rani* and R. Bharathi Kumari
6 Detoxification mechanism of heavy metal stress in Boerhavia diffusa L:  Abdussalam, A.K., Ratheesh Chandra, Hussain-Koorimannil, Jos T. Puthur and Nabeesa Salim
7 RP-HPLC Method Development And Validation For The Estimation Of Clobazam In The Tablet Dosage FormO.Sailaja, R.Aruna, J.Durga
8 Dental Caries – A Strategic approach for preventionDr. Benley George* and Dr. Minimol K Johny
9 Unitary and Hermition operators on extended fractional Fourier transformA.S. Gudadhe and Naveen A
10 A study on Sunflower oil quality in different seasons: Phani.r.s.ch*, D.Chaitanya, K.Sudha Rani
11 Effect of climate change and global warming on management of business in Nigeria: Ebue M. I*., Onyeze C. N., Okonkwo P.C. and Ochiaka D.C.
12 Cooperative thrift and loan societies: A solution to the problem of cash crunch among staff of tertiary institutions in Enugu state: A case study of Enugu state college of education (Technical) Enugu state, Nigeria.Okonkwo P.C*, Ebue M. I., Onyeze C. N. and Okafor I. F.