S.NO Title and Author Page No
1 Research on movement of cotton and heavy impurities in the working chamber of pneumatic cleaner: Karimov Abdusamat, Ismanov Muhammadziyo 250-262
 2 Deformation due to thermomechanical source in thermoporoelastic medium:  Rajneesh Kumar, Satinder Kumar and M.G Gourla 263-283
3 Coordinating the multidisciplinary characteristics of project management for a successful shutdown: a Review of IMO state project implementation unit (piu): Uchenna Ebi  284-289
4 Understanding the role of economic models that underlie environmental impacts and their assessments (EIA): Ogwuche J.A. and  Muhammed K.D  290-297
5 Assessment on the progression with phases in early elementary classes through Formative and Summative Evaluation based on the Primary Curriculum in West Bengal, India: Dr. Tapas Kumar Sarkar 298-303
6 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Nelumbo nucifera Rhizome extract and investigation of their anti-oxidant and antibacterial activity: Dr. Padamata Sai Sudhakar, Dr. K. Bala Murali Krishna, Prof. B. Syama Sundar* 304-316
7 Air pollution levels in Bien Hoa city Vietnam: Minh Lam 311-315
8 New L C MS method to estimation of Thyroid hormones in Blood: Anna Marry 316-320