AAJST.(2015).,Vol.2 Issue.1

S.NO                                              Title  and Author(s)
1. Comparative Study of Object Oriented Measures for Internal Quality Attributes of Class DiagramsDr. Manju Kaushik, Bhawana Mathur
 2. The Relationship Between Job Stress, Perceived Organizational Politics And Turnover Intention: Chris N, Uzondu, Sampson Kelechi, Nwonyi & Onyinye P Ezema
 3. Green synthesis of (Z)-N-5-(benzylidene/substituted benzylidene) 2 benzamido-3-(methyl/phenyl)-6-oxo-1, 2, 5, 6-tetrahydro-1, 2, 4-triazines & their anti-bacterial activity evaluationV. Anitha Rani* Y. Bharathi Kumari
 4. The Increasing relevance of Physical activity and exercise to individual mental healthJaiyesimi Boluwaji Gbenga
5 Effect of two temperature on the time harmonic behaviour of an  axisymmetric problem in  transversely isotropic thermoelastic solid with Green-Naghdi theory of type-II: Nidhi Sharma, Rajneesh Kumar, and Parveen Lata* 
6 Hydro-Chemical parameters of ground water around Khajipalem village, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India: K U M Sarma*, P Nagaraju, R Rakesh, K Y Reddy
7 Experiential Marketing: Reconceptualizing mix elements for Health Services: Dr. Prashant Mehta
8 Optimization of building wall to control indoor temperature using Matlab software and finite difference method: Dinku Seyoum Zeleke, Muluwork Kasay*
9 A Study on Nutritional Status of Venkata reddy palem and kaja Pre-school Children (Guntur District, India)Vijayasree. Bandikolla
10 Assessment of the determinants of corporate cash holding in Nigerian petroleum marketing sector: Ubesie Madubuko Cyril*, Agbo Catherine Amaka, Ugwonwu C. S.